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Mutton Roast Recipe | The Spicy Chettinad Style

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Adjust Servings:
1.5 lb Mutton
2 count Tomato
10 count Dry red chilies
2 strands Curry leaves
⅛ tsp Turmeric powder
2 cups Water
2 tsp Sesame oil
1½ tsp Salt (as needed)

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Mutton Roast Recipe | The Spicy Chettinad Style

  • Lunch
  • Spicy

Feel The Heat Of Red Chili

  • 30 mins
  • Serves 4
  • Easy




Another Recipe From Chettinad

Chettinad is rich for its culture, the architecture of their home and off course THE CHETTINAD FOOD. There are several dishes that I can name and talk about its richness but this mutton roast recipe is derived from chettinad salted mutton uppu kari (dry roast) is my absolute favorite side dish or can say I don’t need any main course when I’m having this. But there is a little difference in my preparation I made it here with tomato so I don’t need it too dry instead with little curry sticking to the meat when I want to eat with rice or chapati or naan. The beauty or its speciality of Chettinad food is that they prepare masala from whole spices at the time of cooking.

The Taste

Spiced from Red Chili 🌶🌶🌶

Every taste of this dish brings you the spiciness from dry red chilies and optionally chili flakes for more spiciness. In this recipe I have added red chili flakes meaning the seeds inside the chili as I love the taste of spicy. Without the flakes still you can get the heat and if any one can handle lot of heat can add more of flakes. The next taste that comes is the salt that will be felt on tip of the tongue along with juicy meat. The important factor is make sure DONOT DRY out the meat juice while pressure cook. It is really important to have that juice for the taste if not all you will feel dry meat.

In most of our cooking we use sesame oil, peanut oil a lot than regular vegetable oil. Definitely I believe the taste changes a lot with the type of oil used. The amount of ingredients used here are less than most of the Indian dishes cooked and most importantly all these ingredients listed are most of the time kept in our home kitchen and can also be easily available in stores.

Lamb versus Goat meat. In India when mutton is called it is usually referred as goat meat more than a lamb. The lamb taste and its smell can be easily identified while eating. In Middle east, US, Australian continents lamb is widely used. I have tried in both the meats and the clear choice is purely based on one’s meat preference or love for it. The taste doesn’t change a bit as red chili spiciness tops the meat.

Mutton Roast Recipe

For Kids

In general not too many people or kids can handle that level of heat especially from red chilies, it is better not to add chili flakes or proportion can be brought down. The other way I do is I keep aside a proportion of meat before adding chilies that way you can satisfy both the parties of spicy & non-spicy eaters.

Goes well with?

Any non vegetarian dishes, rice, chapati, pulao

I feel mutton roast is one of the dish that can go very well with lot of non-vegetarian dishes in fact some with vegetarian. Whenever I do mutton related dishes I usually prefer to make everything with mutton. One such dish is mutton curry. The reason is this juicy meat of spiciness can be a perfect combination for non-spicy foods. If time is a problem yet want to eat something delicious within 30 mins of time mutton roast along with rasam can be cooked side by side along with rice or just with chapati. The variations can be made either by making it dry or of more gravy by altering the tomatoes. If ripen tomatoes are added the more tangy taste it gives.

The Cooking Process

The cooking process of this mutton roast recipe is so simple that anyone can make it. I will call this recipe an universal one as when you see the ingredients, it is not very specific to any country and all are easily available. It is purely an altered or have put some creative work from chettinad uppu kari. It is a basic practice in India, turmeric or curcumin powder is added to most of the dishes as it considered as a medicine or anti-bacterial and anti-smelling agent. It can proportionately take away the raw smell of meat along with other good properties. Mutton or in general any meat is washed with turmeric .

Mutton Roast Recipe

It is all about pressure cooking the meat with red chilies, tomatoes, salt (as needed) to appropriate whistles. It depends on the meat if it is tender less whistles are more than enough to cook but I usually go with 7-10 whistles depending on the meat toughness. When it is done, let it cool and use a pan with oil heated and add curry leaves and let it crackle. 2 strands is usually good but if you like to add more feel free to use it as it supports the chettinad cooking and off course the aroma.

When it is done add the prepared masala to mutton and slowly mix well it well. If you can handle the heat add the seeds of chili while cooking or if you don’t know the level of its spiciness add it later according to your taste that way the dish is not spoiled. Use low to low-medium heat as the process is almost nearing the end and don’t want to burn it. If you prefer more dry, keep sautéing slowly till you get satisfied with it.

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Cut the mutton into medium size pieces. Wash and clean thoroughly with ⅛ tsp of turmeric powder.


Pressure cook the mutton with chopped tomatoes, dry red chilies,salt and also add enough water to immerse the mutton into it. Cover and cook for upto 7-8 whistles.


Meanwhile, let’s prepare the seasoning. Heat 2 tsp of oil in a pan, add 2 strands of curry leaves to it. Let it crackle. Set aside.


Once it is done, allow the pressure to settle on its own.


Open the lid and let it cook for sometimes. Once the water evaporates, it becomes dry.


Let it become dry and masala gets coated with mutton. Switch off the flame.


Pour the seasoning in the mutton uppu curry. Mix well.


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